Doncaster Gardens Primary School


Using Konnective to promote my Chinese language program

Edmodo in Chinese Language Program

So far using Edmodo to communicate with my students, setting up tasks, discussions on our Chinese language learning, and sharing information related to our learning is quite successful. Using Konnective to share things we have done in Chinese language program, plus extra-curricular that I run during recess and lunchtime (Mon-Thurs) that allows school community know exactly what is going.

I think I will be starting to use more in Google Drive. At the moment I still tend to use many general apps in the iPad to teach and for my students to complete their tasks. 

Interesting enough though, being a Chinese language teacher, there are few very good links that my students can use.

Definitely there is many potential for me to use all these online portal, platforms and tools in my Chinese language program, but I think I better really sit down and go through them probably !




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One thought on “Doncaster Gardens Primary School

  1. I think my focus on the project has added another element into it now. I think I will definitely getting more use of the Edmodo for students, and Konnective is more for the parents and school community.

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