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Term 4- Update

As we mentioned earlier we have been using Edmodo as our main means of connecting with each other. Teachers with kids, kids with kids and teachers with teachers.

This term for with the grade 5s we wanted the kids to select a guiding question re anything to do with Australian History, get them to¬†research the question then present their research to the class, mid term. We created a blog for them to share about their learning after each session we have. So far we have seen ‘careful’ sharing where they are giving us a sort of summary about the research they did for the day. Some are commenting on each others posts while others are happy to read each others’ posts. We hope to get them sharing at a different level soon where they start adding their opinions about what they are learning and what impact they believe it has had on modern Australia (considering they are looking at Australian history).

The Edmodo¬†groups are¬†working really well. Teachers have included getting on Edmodo as part of their homework to share about their learning during the week. Kids are commenting on all areas eg Maths concepts , English/ spelling , etc. Part of their homework is done in the ‘Flip’ style teaching where they are given videos to view on a range of topics then asked to share what they understood.

It has been a pleasure to see the kids helping each other out online with some asking for help and others coming to their rescue with support. Some are also correcting each others’¬†spelling and giving advice¬†in the nicest possible way!

The teachers Edmodo site is slowly plodding along with Michelle, Mel and I being the main contributors. Whenever we have a PD we encourage the presenter to put it online so that we have a central spot from which to get it from. This will continue to be a main focus for us in the next year.

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